OGInsta+ Apk Download

What Is OGInsta+ ?

First hello to you in our website “official-plus.com”, the official website for OGInsta+ , OGInsta+ is a similar version for Instagram have many new features, With OGInsta+ you can dawnload photo and video from instagram, and Use 2 Instagram Plus Application (Account) On Same Android Device , and we always give you in “official-plus” new updates for OGInsta+ , so enjoy to use the amazing features of Instagram Plus without any fear to stops updates, or any damage to your phone because OGInsta+ is 100% safe for android .

OGInsta+ Features

OGInsta+ have dawnload feature and and Use 2 Instagram Plus Application (Account) On Same Android Device in the latest update for OGInsta+ APK for android, With oginsta xda you can dawnload photos and videos from instagram , see if someone is following you, and You can view profile pictures, and Auto start videos with sound ,Many of Instagram users, after downloading OGInsta+ for android , They were very happy to use OGInsta+ on android phone or tablet, And becuse many distinctive options such as dawnload feature when you use OGInsta+ , Your friends may be surprised when you can to dawnload photo and video from instagram, We have modified properties in the app and its settings, and add the additional features you are looking for ,while maintaining the original appearance in Instagram .

OGInsta+ has come with many of new features, which provide comfort to the user, where you can control everything in Instagram like :
Two Instagram App : You Can use 2 Instagram Plus Application (Account) On Same Android Device 
Dawnload Photos : You can download any image you want from Instagram easily
Dawnload Videos : You can download any video you want from Instagram in one click
Follow Indicator : You can see if someone is following you in his page
Profile Pictures : You can view full profile picture size in Long click
Video Player : Auto start videos with sound
Share : Direct share URL for any app (Whatsapp)
Languages : OGInsta+ supports many new languages not exist in Instagram , like Arabic .