How to Check Data Usage on an iPhone


Apple was founded by Steve Jobs Steve Wozniak Ronald Wayne on April 1,1976 almost 42 years ago. When It was founded nobody was aware that one day it will be the one of the highest growth company for the technology all over the world. It has more than 500 of stores as for the calculation of census in the year 2017. This company served millions and billions of people around world who there are many key people of this company which include The chairman Arthur D levinson, The CEO of Apple right now is Tim Cook and the CDO of the Apple company is Jonathan Ive ,The CFO of the Apple company is Luca mystery and CPO of the company Apple is Jeff William. This company offers various products all over the world like iPod, iPhone,iPad, Apple watch, Apple TV, Homepod, Mac Operating System, iOS watch, iOS TVS, iLife, Iwork Macintosh.

This company also provides the services like Apple pay, Apple store, Apple iTunes store, App store ,Mac App store, book store, iCloud and Apple music.

It has the revenue of 229.324 million US dollar as per the 2017 their operating income is near about 61.344 billion. There are many Android apps which uses data on phone like gb instagram.

iOS ( iPhone OS)

iOS, it is basically and operating system which was developed by the Apple company. It is basically popular for its hardware they operating system is the one of the most powerful among all the companies of smartphone available around the world. It has been winning the race as it plays and Monopoly in the market as no other phone as not Apple devices are not able to use the iOS on their Android or other smartphone devices.

Like there are many numbers of user who are from Android operating system but there is one problem that they are not following only one company they are using Motorola, Samsung, LG, redmi and many other smartphone. For using the Android Operating System but for using the iOS the user need to buy the Apple device then only they will be able to use it. It was basically launched for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The user interference of iOS is amazing it has direct manipulation the user can use it for the multiple touch gestures its excelnet is really great it has come in the 3D dimensions and the accessories are mind blowing this basically is available in the 40 languages of the world for updating this the user can update from OTA or iTunes they official website of iOS is / iOS.

For checking up your data usage on an iPhone device you will need to follow some of the steps after that you will be able to trace your data usage and you will be able to know how much data you used from your last time.

IPhone inbuilt features

  • You have to go to the settings of your iPhone device which will be at the home screen of the iPhone
  • from there you have to click on the cellular button when you have to click on this alphabet and it will show you many settings like mobile data
  • You have to type on the English keyboard and you have to type on the mobile data when you will do like this
  • There were none option of lifetime a cellular data usage there it will show the current period and current period coming
  • for example if you are on roaming then it will be show the data usage while you are on roaming and whenever you are wise this month data of your internet
  • It will show that also you have to scroll down the page and 49 the cell data usage you have to press on the cell data usage.
  • it will show you up line by line and of the applications from there you can choose whichever application like I have to use the Google Chrome now it will show me that how much data I have used in my current period.

Request for the information from the mobile networking Telecom partners

  • You can call your data operator for the career operator of your telecom services.
  • like there are many few numbers which is common in India like 198 and 121 you can dial on that button and you can ask the data usage.
  • you can even download the application my Verizon all your data operator like I am using Airtel in my phone then I can even download the Airtel application my phone then from there I will get to know that how much is my bill of this month and how much I have used the data.